A pilot at last.

Early motivation

I first became interested in learning to fly as an elementary school student. This was during the height of the Apollo program so all the students in my class were following spaceflight quite intently. During this time, my brother Erik and I were taken up for a ride in a small plane by a friend of the family. I found it quite exciting and this was further enforced by later rides at a charity flights program at Lake Elmo airport in Minnesota (21D). I was not able to take any real action on learning to fly until July 2015, when I started training for a private pilot certificate and shortly thereafter bought my 1969 Cessna Cardinal, N30540.

Current Qualifications

Certified flight instructor, single engine land airplanes and gliders; Instrument rated. Advanced ground instructor.


I have written 3 articles about my flying so far.


FAA Medical Information With the increasing number of conditions and medications which can prevent a want to be pilot from obtaining an FAA medical, aspiring pilots are well advised to carefully consider how to approach that process. This page and the accompanying FAQs are designed to provide information beforehand to ensure the best outcome.

AM Radio Stations Overlay Map. This is a .kml file showing the location and frequencies of all licensed AM radio stations in the US. It is useful if you still have a working Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) in your airplane. While the Non-directional Beacons (NDB) are being decomissioned, there are still a lot of radio stations which can help you find your way. In this map, labels show the frequency and radiated power is indicated by three colors of symbols: blue - <4000W, green - 4000 - 20000W, red - > 20000W. The description for each contains the call sign. Ready to use by loading into your favorite Electronic Flight Bag application or Google Earth.

Chatting while flying and "fingers". An article containing details of the regulations and practices concerning use of VHF radio frequencies for chatting with other pilot's in the air.